Submissive Application


So many overeager whores wish to serve and be owned by me but so many disappoint me. My #1 rule is always please your Mistress and as simple as it sounds, it is by no means an easy feat. I do not appreciate time wasters so before you sign any of my contracts, complete this application to see if I would be willing to claim ownership over you. Fill out the bottom and return application to me. I will look it over and ask you any additional questions if necessary. You will know from there if I allow you to become mine or not.



IMPORTANT NOTICE: I only take on a max. of 20 subs at a time whether your a sex bitch, sissy, paypig, etc. This is to ensure that I can give each submissive the time and attention they deserve as I put them through my programs. If I am at my limit of committed subs then I will add you to a wait-list and notify you when a spot becomes open.
Type of Sub:
What you hope to gain from serving Diamond:
Have you ever been in the service of a Mistress?
Are you currently serving someone?
Hard Limits:
Detail your fantasies:
Budget Limits:
Regardless of which contract you sign, all require regular assignments, tasks and other ways to serve me which demand regular contact and participation on your part. Can you commit yourself on a regular basis to my services?
Anything else you find important for me to understand, fill in below.
Submit a photo for review.
That’s it! Now email this back to me with a tribute attached if you want me to read/accept it.



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