Abby Oak

Thanks for reading! I’m Abby Oak, and I have been doing porn since 2016. I have a pokemon tattoo on my ass, and I choose you to figure out which one it is! (Hint: It’s a shiny, so it looks different from the normal version). I also have my navel pierced. I like masturbating to relieve stress that accumulates throughout the day. I also like making fantasies come true, so request a custom! I’m a nerdy P.A.W.G. who loves all things math and science. I got an A in Anatomy & Physiology before I dropped out of college and would love to teach you a thing or two about anatomy. 😉 You should check out my gluteus maximus! I want to get back in school and finish my degree to get a vanilla career to support my dogs, cats, fish, rabbit, snails, and plants. Music feeds my soul; I play flute and piccolo, and I love shaking my ass to several different genres so I’d love to hear about the music you like!