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October 11, 2016
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Menage Hair Trois DVD






Menage-Hair-Trois DVD

DVD Video
Long Hair Fetish, Blowjob, Hairjob, 3-Way, Girl on Girl
Length: 28:01

What would you do if you had the Long Haired Queens in the same room with you? I mean, besides stutter? *wink* Well one lucky gent gets to enjoy the company of both Leona & I! I walk in to find my beautiful BFF attempting to give a hairjob, without instruction or approval! Well, I will not allow her to do a bad job of this and proceed to “help” my sexy student as much as I can, all the while indulging a few goodies as well!. After all, we have a reputation to uphold! She’s a quick learner, I must proudly say and before you know it, there’s cum everywhere!
*Bonus outtakes included in this video! Get a behind the scenes look at how two crazy longhairdivas make the magic happen!

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